B I R T H   S T O R I E S   &   F R E S H 4 8    P H O T O G R A P H Y

Captured and documented by newborn and baby photographer, Nickola Balsdon, based in White River, South Africa,

she focuses on telling your birth story in way that is intimate and heart-warming. Her passion is creating beautiful prints, 

albums and custom wall art for her clients.

*Please note that at this time I am only documenting c-section deliveries and only take 6 bookings per year.

When do I book my birth photography session?

Choosing to photograph and document your child’s birth is a very personal choice. Like birth itself, it has a profound impact on all involved, often taking you right back to that incredible and treasured moment in time where you experience real, raw. inexplainable love for the first time.


Please book your sessions as soon as possible. There is a fair amount of information required, and hospital authorisation can take up to 14-21 days.  


*Please note, that whilst every effort is made to grant access into theatre and the labour ward, it is solely at the discretion of each institute.  

How does it work?

C-section deliveries are diarised and confirmed 7-3 days before your booked caesar date. I will meet you at the maternity ward shortly after your check in. Should you be be rushed in for a c-section earlier than scheduled, please just contact me as soon as you know the details.​

What is included in the cost to document the delivery or birth of my baby and/or our fresh48 session?

The cost for birth photography includes up to 4 hours of documenting the delivery/birth and arrival of you baby (from the time I get to the hospital, until approximately 1.5 hours after your baby is born. This often includes dad and baby time in the nursery whilst mom is in recovery). ​​

The cost for a Fresh48 session includes 1 hour of documenting baby in his or her first 48 hours after birth. This takes place in your hospital ward or the nursery (if just after birth), or in the comfort of your own home, for home births.

Do you offer birth & newborn combo-sessions?

Yes - these sessions must be booked together. 


For more information on pricing please send us an enquiry here.



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  • Nickola Balsdon Photography - Durban
  • Nickola Balsdon Photography - Durban